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Great Time to bring your Rally Here...

If your are an Meeting Professional, or Rally Master, you know how frustrating it is to find a location that has enough space, and enough facilities to take care of your RV Group camping needs.  Yes, sometimes you must put up with just a small area of a RV park, OR you have to put up with lacking facilities to get enough RV sites. 


Call us today to get a tour of Lakeview and how we can meet your needs.  Mike and Carol, owners, and certified Meeting Planner, to get specialized help with your groups needs.  The owners always wanted to work with a park the size that Lakeview offers to allow you to enjoy your stay without feeling like a number.  We have the Oasis Bar and Grill for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We have music EVERY weekend.  We have deluxe cabins to help you host friends, and associates.

Call Carol today to understand the dates and activities we can offer on this side of the lake...

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