New Owner's & New Cabins!

New Owner's Mike and Carol can't wait to meet you!
Why did they come all the way from Texas?

Why not! We come from 100 degree summers, and you live in 2 degree winters.  Grass is not greener, just different.  We know a lot of wintering Texans who are from Wisconsin, so when the possibility arose, we thought - why not? We have traveled a lot and find we love the Wisconsin sense of humor and how you all have fun.

What changes are you planning to do?

Mostly cosmetic, we are small business owners, we wanted our 'Chapter Three' our retirement to be meaningful and fun so when you see the changes, it will reflect these values. We want memories for our family just like you do. We will be living there full time, so stop by anytime and if we are there, we will be happy to give you a tour.

Family reunions, and special events are important!

We understand that space for your event can be hard to come by, call us to review how we can make your event special.

How to contact us:

PHONE:   920-439-1495

Lakeview RV Park and Cabins
PO BOX 351, Chilton, WI 53014
Email to:

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Your involvement is welcome,

Please fill our the survey and return via mail, drop-off, or email.  (you can keep it anonymous)

Our Mission @ Chapter Lakeview LLC is:

authentic & timely service, with new and inclusive choices for the Member's and Traveler's we meet; every day in a

American Way.


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Lakeview RV Park and Cabins

N4475 Ledge Rd (PoBox 351)

Chilton, WI 53014


TEL: 920-439-1495