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General Store &

Camp Supplies

'Everything you need'

General Store & Camp Supplies offers you a full supply of goods  and services to meet your every need.

Canned goods, fresh bread, milk, eggs, fruit line the shelves.  From your favorite soft drink, local beer, wine, ice and drinking water to household goods such as light bulbs and shoelaces, if we don't have it, ask. There is a large selection of RV accessories along with fishing gear and bait (coming this year).  We have enlarged the store this year to include common and desired hiking and camping gear.  For your convenience, Check out our online store, and order to pickup on the way in.


New items for hikers and campers are arriving every day

so write us about what you would like to see on our shelves!

In the gift section you will find everything from postcards, key chains and magnets to unique shirts, hats and local crafts.


If you find yourself wanting a fast snack to a take-out meal,

the Lakeview Grill will meet your needs.

From the 1/4 lb. "Winnebago Burger"

to our Fish & Chips, Pizza, and Texas Style BBQ

all items are prepared while you wait and sure to please.

Or enjoy an Ice Cream or Slushy as part of your after meal walk.

Our owners are from Texas, so they are bringing their beloved beef BBQ with them every Saturday.  Purchase upon checkin at the desk.

 We have Texas style BBQ on Saturdays for hungry campers!

SAY ‘It All Starts Here’

How did you know I needed that in my Hiker's Lunch!  Thank you for listening and I'm very pleased, we had a blast!

We are beginners to hiking and forgot many things that would have made our overnight camping much easier  We stopped into the store and found just what we needed!  Thank you!

I was skeptical at first, but once I saw the convenience of being on the quiet side of the eastern shore of Lake Winnebago, I will be coming here for many years!

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