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At Lakeview RV Park and Cabins you can STAY FOR 1 Weekend, but you can also stay for 1 -2 months or THE WHOLE YEAR
 (limited access during winter)
'Healthy and Fun Memories'

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Seasonal Reservations & Rates

For reservations, please phone us at: 1-920-439-1495 

We take a limited number of Seasonal Reservations to keep a balance between a membership and the overnight travelers.  We support the local community immensely and we love the Lake Winnebago Region, so we are seeing an increase in interest for travelers that visit the region.


*Rates based on occupancy:  (PRICE SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

These are are  members who have been coming here for years.  They are the most responsible of the community, and are the most helpful while you are here.



*Rates based on occupancy:  (PRICE SUBJECT TO CHANGE)


These folks here for one month to all summer.  Great for retirees visiting family, or who just want to explore the area for one or two months.

                                               SEASONAL INFORMATION (call for  more information)

About Lake Winnebego Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore is so quiet and peaceful, there is nothing to 'get in the way' of your quiet weekend away.  Stockbrige or Chilton, Wisconsin.  Stay a the the park and the lodge is warm and cozy.  The sunrise and the walks will renew your spirit and settle the mind.  Each weekend has a theme, and the tours to the local farms will educate you as to how value the midwest agriculture is to our nation. 

and Dinner
Private BBQ Area
& Fire Pit

We really didn't know if

we had all the supplies we needed for our 3 day week trip 


I will be back next year, I'm booking now for the cabin because I could go on a 3 day hike then come back and recharge, its so peaceful.

 I was surprised at the quality of things you had in the store. It made teaching my kids how to camp so much easier.

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